Chocolate-covered Corn Dogs

We live within walking distance of a grocery store. Not that I actually walk there (last time I was mauled by fire ants), but it being in close proximity to my house, I’m there several times a week.

And regardless of what’s on my list, there are always four aisles that I’m going to visit (unless I really have to pee): baking, chips/snacks, frozen snacks, and ice cream. The first three aisles are for you; the last one is for me.

While trawling the frozen snacks aisle earlier this week, my ever-wandering eye landed upon a gold mine—a mini, oblong, pig-filled gold mine.

Mini corn dogs!! Perfect for covering in chocolate! Although, I feel that way about pretty much everything, don't I?

As is the case for most things that I cover in chocolate, the ingredients and recipe are significantly cheaper and easier than flying to Korea.

Chocolate Covered Mini Corn Dogs



-          1 pkg (20 count) mini corn dogs

-          chocolate baking bark (it took about 5 squares to coat them all)


1. Heat corn dogs according to package. (I sooooo put them in the microwave.)

2. Slice each corn dog in half. (Better chocolate-to-dog ratio.)

3. Melt bark and coat corn dogs.


4. Chill until set.

Are you familiar with Entenmann's Frosted Mini Donuts? Good stuff, right? Well, these are just like those. Oh, but with, like, a hot dog in them.

As expected with a treat such as these, there were 3 camps: the these-are-awesome group (my favorite people), the eh-these-aren't-the-best group (thanks for trying them), and the you-can't-make-me-eat-that group (laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame).

Helpful hint: If you are hesitant to try one, don't look at it while you are eating it. I heard that helps.

Oh, and before I go, I have a riddle for you: What makes a chocolate-covered corn dog even better? The same thing that makes a regular corn dog better: dipping it in mustard!!!

Seriously though, the addition of mustard was crescent fresh—as is my friend Cody who suggested it.

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