Another Chipotle Norovirus Outbreak Left 4 Sick And Forced A Shutdown


Chipotle thought they had it all figured out. They had a nationwide closure, addressed new regulations to keep customers and workers safe, gave away free burritos, and were ready to rebuild after having crazy Norovirus and E. Coli outbreaks that affected hundreds.

Well, they apparently don't have it all figured out as a store in Billerica, Massachusetts was forced to close down for two days, after four of its workers tested positive for the contagious norovirus, according to USA Today.


The somewhat-Mexican restaurant closed its doors this past Tuesday and Wednesday, but said it would open back up as long as those working tested negative for the norivirus. In what sounds like a fun process, all the workers will be deemed worthy of working if their stool samples come back healthy.


As far as fixing the problem, the store was cleaned thoroughly and all the food was thrown out, according to Reuters. (They might want to save some of the food for testing, you know, so they can find out where the virus came from.)


Health inspectors took a look inside Wednesday and deemed it clean enough to reopen.

Hopefully this doesn't lead to something bigger because customers have been through enough.

screen grab via wbz