Cheetos' Latest Mexican Street Corn Flavor Has Us Hyped

Photo: IG - @junkbanter


Shout out to the elote man. Let me just get things started with that and give him his flowers. He deserves it for bringing joy to us all in the form of juicy corn on the cob that's adorned with the delectable accoutrements of fresh crema, mayo, hot sauce, lime juice, chili and cayenne powder, and cotija cheese.

Now imagine all that in Cheetos form. Mmmhmm, nice mental picture right? Well the fine folks at Frito-Lay have decided to develop our collective mental pictures of this concoction by making the newest Cheetos flavor as Mexican Street Corn.

It's a snack that's sure to make this summer even hotter for sure. This elote-inspired banger of a flavor is only available for a limited time, though, so make sure to raid your snack aisles and secure multiple bags.