Watch Man Drop A $42,000 Bottle Of Champagne At A Night Club

If you thought dropping your cup of beer was the ultimate party foul, then you're going to cringe watching this dude drop a $42,000 bottle of champagne.

According to Munchies, this dude was at a night club in Ibiza (Although some commenters have argued that it was in Mexico) and was ready to pop open the 30,000 euro bottle. As you can see in the video clip, as soon as he popped it open, he lost control — shattering and spilling all over his guests.


A YouTube commenter who claimed to have worked for a liquor distributor, said the bottle looked like a 6 liter Veuve Clicquot Rose Champagne, which he said often sells for about $1,000. If true, that Ibiza night club markup was pretty damn steep for the reportedly $42,000 bottle.

Regardless of the bottles true value, this was the ultimate party foul. The dude had a nice suit on, was about to serve some expensive champagne to his guests, and fumbled the bottle like Mark Sanchez on Thanksgiving.

Do not let this man hold your baby, or anything of value, ever.