Carrot Cake Kisses Might Be The Sweetest Thing Hershey's Put Out In A Minute

It's been a minute since we found a candy we couldn't keep our chubby fingers off of. With Easter only a few weeks away, Target brought back a seasonal flavor of Kisses that has us plunging our ham hocked hands into the the 9-oz bag of sweets.

Hershey's is exclusively offering a sweet little bag of Carrot Cake Kisses available in stores nationwide.

The Carrot Cake Candy is both naturally and artificially flavored to taste like the iconic dessert. The Kisses themselves taste like the cake's frosting... so super addictive.


Sweet fiends can find the 9-oz bags at participating Target stores for a limited time. We recommend pacing yourselves though. You don't want to be at work and realize you've crushed an entire bag over your lunch break.

That sugar crash can be brutal.

Look at that sweet little guy.