Butter-Flavored Kit Kats Are Both Terrifying and Intriguing


The food industry in Japan is out of control. They once offered all-you-can-eat Whoppers at Burger King, they've had cats running around their Pizza Huts, and a restaurant once appointed a mini pig as its store manager.

Thanks to Rocket News, we're now learning that a specialty Kit Kat store in Japan will be selling butter-flavored Kit Kats because apparently the only thing better than chocolate is popcorn-flavored chocolate.


Butter was the winning flavor in a contest the Tsuji Group culinary school held, somehow beating out more conventional flavors such as milk and melon.

There are currently three Kit Kat Chocolatory shops in Japan because Kit Kats are like crack over there. This butter Kit Kat will be debuting in a new Kit Kat Chocolatory opening in the city of Hokkaido on March 7. It will cost 1,200 yen, or about $10.20 for a 12-pack.

Congrats, Japan. You've probably just attracted Paula Deen to your country.