Burger King Trolls Wendy's With Launch Of New Spicy Nuggets

Over seven months after Wendy's removed spicy nuggets from their nationwide menu and took away my go-to road trip fuel, I've finally found a new source thanks to Burger King.

Photo courtesy of Burger King

Burger King's latest addition to the spicy chicken fast food menu comes in at $1.49 for ten spicy nuggets. In their press release, they claim to have released the nuggets because they "know there is an appetite for them" after seeing "competitors" have similar products. Based off of that, there's no doubt that they were paying attention to the whole Wendy's fiasco from earlier this year. If that wasn't even more clear, their special campaign to promote the nuggets is a blatant shot at their fast food rival.

On October 13th, the same day that the nuggets launch, customers with the name Wendy who show valid ID at participating Burger King locations in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York will get a free 10-piece order after noon. Wendy's face must have been as red as her hair when she saw that information go out.

Business Insider found the final nail in the coffin for Wendy's on this debate. Burger King took out a full-page ad in the Miami Herald that promotes their new nuggets while brutalizing Wendy's.

"(Yea, if your name is Wendy, we're talking to you.) We've been listening. It sounds like you've been missing the spice in your life long enough."

So far, Wendy's has yet to respond to Burger King's savagery.