Bored College Bros Start Drive-Thru Pasta Business From Their Frat House

Photo: TikTok | Foodbeast

Whether by pure genius or sheer boredom, some college bros decided to open a drive-thru pasta business from their frat house. In the destined to go viral video, they sold $5 pasta that definitely wasn’t FDA-approved.


According to the video, resident frat house culinary master Chef Tino, who’s “confirmed” Italian, ensured authenticity. The pan-flipped pasta was saucy but whether or not it was sanitary is anyone’s guess. Despite the uncertainty, one kid had no problem foregoing a fork and dug right in with his bare hands.

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The menu was written on a white poster board with a sharpie and hung from an open window, completing the drive-thru aesthetic. Not only did hungry campus kids get fresh pasta with their $5, but also a side of bread and a homemade brownie. So thankfully, broke college students definitely got bang for their buck. 

Reactions to the video range from admiration, disgust to curiosity about what the money they made was used for. One thing’s for sure, pasta is a budget conscious meal and college is expensive af so hopefully it helped out with some tuition.