Burger King Flusters Customers By Using 'Chick Fries' To Explain Women's Price Gaps

Burger King isn't shy about stepping in with some social commentary or two when they feel some type of way. They've done it in the past regarding net neutrality, and just presented their take on the "pink tax" with a brand new social experiment.

To make their point on how women's products cost more 42% of the time, the chain created "Chick Fries" sold only to ladies in a social experiment. Anytime a woman went up to the counter to order Chicken Fries, the price went up from $1.69 to $3.09 and the crispy chicken strips were served in a special pink box.


chick fries

Of course, the ladies were peeved at having to pay nearly double the price men were charged for the fries, and let the BK staff on hand know about it. You can view their fiery reactions in the above YouTube video.

Calling something "chick fries," putting it in a stereotypical pink box, and upcharging women for it? It was definitely a sexist move by the chain, but done with purpose so that Burger King could get their real message across. They wanted people to react so that they could bring up how unfair and discriminatory the "pink tax" is in the real world.


The BK team found a pretty simple and brilliant way to explain the Pink Tax using their Chicken Fries, opening up the discussion around the stark price differences in products for women and men.

Their reasoning behind displaying this message now? Currently, there's a bill called the Pink Tax Reform Act in Congress that would prohibit changes in pricing for "substantially similar products" based on gender. Burger King is standing behind it, and asking those that agree with them to call their Congressional representatives to back the bill as well.