You Can Eat These Thick-Cut Kentucky Fried Bacon Slabs Like Chicken Nuggets

Bacon is just one of those foods that I can never quite quit. That crunch upon first bite, followed by a salty sensation and rich meaty flavor will always relax me more than any full-bodied massage. Give me a few slices of slightly well-done bacon and you can physically see my stress melt away.

I'm always stoked to find some new bacon spots to try, and I hear that calling BarBacon a bacon lover's paradise is like calling Balto a good dog.

The NYC restaurant's signature item, Kentucky Fried Bacon, looks like something I'll be adding to my bacon bucket list. The KFB is made with bite-sized pieces of crispy thick-cut bacon that's battered, deep fried, and served with a Thai chili honey and house pickles. You can snack on them just like chicken nuggets.


If you want an even heartier vessel for your bacon, customers can also get the KFB bites inside of BarBacon's KFB Banh Mi.

If your bacon barometer hasn't already been shattered, the restaurant also has a Bacon Chorizo Fundido. The cheesy appetizer is topped with bacon pieces, jalapeños, cilantro, and served with Chicharrones to scoop.

Perhaps it's time my bacon-loving butt visited New York.