Apparently, this Wine Contains Drowned Baby Mice


So, some weird things have been put forward in the name of health.  Everybody has a friend with a wacky hangover cure that involves raw eggs and orange juice, or a parent who practically shoves weird family cures down your throat every time you get sick. And of course, we all have that aunt who insists that Baby Mice Wine is the cure to everything. What? No? You guys don't have a aunt like that? Nevermind.

This drink, speculated by many to be of Chinese origin, can also be found  in ancient Korea. The mice-infused wine is considered to be a health tonic, a cure-all to anything from liver disease to asthma. The story goes that villagers who couldn't afford better medicine would drink it instead. Although there is no significant research proving its medical benefits (yet), others still put forward the claim that Baby Mice Wine holds medicinal properties.

When making Baby Mice Wine, one needs a) rice wine, and b)  a maximum of 3-day-old mice. Dozens of itty bitty tiny baby mice are bottled up, drowned alive in the wine and left to brew. After about 12 to 14 months  they are "safe" to drink.  One has to be careful in the construction of the wine. If not collected properly the mice will contaminate your drink, yikes.  Some have reported the wine to taste like gasoline, which only goes to prove that the type of people who would drink Baby Mice Wine are also the same type of people crazy enough to drink gasoline.


H/T + Picthx Alwaysfoodie