This Machine Keeps Your Avocados From Turning Brown


Our biggest problem with avocados is that I buy them in bulk and never get around to finishing them all before they go bad. Once the flesh is exposed to oxygen, there's a pretty small window before it starts to turn brown. However, there's a massive new machine that's designed to keep your avocados fresh for as long as possible.

To do this, the Natavo Zero created the Avocado Time Machine (awesome name right?) to add pressurized steam to the avocados. According to CoExist, this process turns off polyphenol oxidase, the enzyme that causes the fruit to brown. Once the avocado goes through the machine a single time, they'll stay green.


As you can see in the time lapse, the fruit stays the same consistency for up to 10 days. Unfortunately, the model itself is quite huge and you won't be able to fit one in the privacy of your home. Restauranteurs, however, should get hyped.