As Beef and Dairy Costs Rise, Chipotle Tests 'Sofritas' Tofu Option


Chipotle, one of the few fast-food chains able to provide "natural" ingredients in their menu items, will be testing a new shredded tofu option named "Sofritas" in the San Francisco Bay Area next month. The new filling will be braised with tomatoes, poblano peppers and chipotle sauce.

The fast-food chain hopes to attract vegetarians with the new tofu filling, as well as fend off the rising costs of beef and dairy prices affected by the recent drought.


Although, it's doubtful the new menu item will prevent Chipotle from having to raise prices this year as a result of the financial pressures. As  Chipotle Chief Financial Officer John Hartung stated in a conference Thursday, "While we haven't made any decisions yet, the fact that our food costs are rising, it is more likely that we'll raise prices in 2013."

While the "Sofritas" filling is an excellent addition and way to mitigate the cost inflation, given their limited menu, Chipotle will have a tough time as the price hike will effect the majority of their offerings.