For One Day, Arby's Insanely Popular Deer Meat Sandwich Will Be Sold In New York


A few months ago, Arby's released a venison sandwich that sold out almost as soon as it dropped. The fast food chain was among the first to offer such a protein as venison to select test deer-hunting states late last year. Who wouldn't want to try deer meat served with fast food convenience?

Arby's is bringing back their popular sandwich, and this time, it's coming to New York.

The sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak that's topped with crisp onions and a juniper berry sauce. Marinated in garlic, salt, and pepper, the deer meat was cooked for three hours before being served on a bun.


On March 4, patrons can find the sandwich at Arby's second New York City restaurant in Madison Square (32 East 23rd Street).

The venison sandwich will be available as long as their limited supplies last. To give you an idea, the hot-ticket item sold out within 15 minutes of dropping at test locations last year. It's pretty safe to say that it will only be available for one day.

Make sure to plan ahead if you're hoping to try it.