Arby's Venison Burger Sold Out IMMEDIATELY, Here's Why


Arby's recently announced they were trying out new venison burgers at some select locations in 17 test markets across the United States. It seems they underestimated the popularity of the deer meat.

According to National Restaurant News, the burgers sold out almost immediately at test locations last week at locations in Atlanta, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Some of the more well-stocked stores lasted an entire 90 minutes before running out of the venison burgers. The lesser stocked locations, like in Minnesota, sold out in 15 minutes.

So how come the burgers suddenly became so popular?


Turns out the states they were testing venison in are popular deer-hunting states, appealing to hunters and non-hunters who have developed a taste for venison. It also doesn't hurt that you can try the meat for $5.

Arby's venison burgers feature thick-cut venison steak that's marinated in garlic, salt, and pepper. The burger is topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce.

Here's hoping this phenomenal response means we'll see the burgers get a national release. I wouldn't mind a $5 venison burger at all.