Arby's Now Selling Cheese-Filled Pretzel Nuggets from . . . Auntie Anne's?


Who are we to judge which brands can and can't be friends? For what we can only assume are alliterative reasons*, roast beef broker Arby's has partnered with pretzel peddler Auntie Anne's to offer miniature pretzel bites filled with melted cheddar cheese. Take that and stick that in your jus.


Available at all Arby's locations nationwide starting next Monday — except 30 mall locations that already have an Auntie Anne's — the petite pretzel pillows can be purchased in orders of 5 or 20, according to Brand Eating.

(*Truth is both brands are owned by the same company, but here's to hoping for more name-based collaborations in the future. Krispy Kreme KFC Double Down anyone?)