Iconic Downtown Disney Restaurant Now Serves A Magical Sphere Of Chocolate And Ice Cream

Looking for something chocolatey yet fruity? Bready yet crunchy? Hot...yet cool? Look no further than Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen.

The restaurant, which serves up both Orleans-style cuisine and music in Anaheim's Downtown Disney, has just combined the best flavors known to dessert-kind to create this lusciously decadent treat. Feast your eyes on: the Chocolate Dome.


Dreamed up by Ralph B's Chef Darrin Finkel, he creates the dish by first using a mold to create chocolate sphere, with a hole in the top to allow the insertion of dulce de leche ice cream. It's plated along with yummy mixed berries as well as the restaurant's beloved beignets—but the sugar showdown doesn't stop there.


The finishing touch consists of molten caramel sauce lovingly poured onto the top of the chocolate sphere. The chocolate then surrenders to the sticky substance and melts down to reveal the dulce de leche ice cream surprise inside.


This thing is truly your tastebuds' greatest dream, brought to life.

Created in partnership with Visit Anaheim