Japan Reminds Us That We Don't Have Almond Milk In US Starbucks


Starbucks Japan will soon be releasing an Almond Milk Latte and Frappuccino, further sticking it to Starbucks fans who have been trying to get almond milk served in the US.

According to Rocket News 24, the latte and Frappuccino will have something called honey crunch, which will consist of candy coated almonds. The frap will be made of coffee, honey, almond milk, honey-flavored whipped cream and a sweet honey syrup. The latte will not be quite as honey-filled, but will have a dash of honey, along with the almond milk, espresso and whipped cream.


It will only be available from March 18 to April 14, but a month more than anyone in the US will have almond milk available to them.

Hopefully no one dies so Starbucks sees that nut allergies aren't going to be a problem.