8 Chilling Ways To Serve Anything But Candy At Your Halloween Party

When we were kids, we used to journey door to door on Halloween night in search of collecting the greatest candies our neighbors had to offer. Now that we’re older, we realize that not only can we cut out the middleman by buying candy directly from the store (hehe), but, there are also soooo many other equally delicious Halloween treats out there aside from candy we can enjoy.

We know this because year after year, the different *adult* Halloween parties we are privileged to attend are constantly out-doing each other with the crafty and crazy comestibles they offer. The main characteristic most of them have in common with one another is that they stay away from primarily offering candy.

It’s now ice creams, apples, and savory foods that are finally able to have their Halloween hayday. Check out a few pro-tips below for instantly spookifying your Halloween party, if you plan on hosting one this year:

1. Ice Hand in Drink Bowl (via The Multi Mom)


Keep the beverages cool, catch people red handed. All this trick calls for is filling a plastic glove with water and placing it in the freezer! If you have a blacklight, use tonic water and it’ll glow.

2. Fountain of Blood (via Kenneth Wingard, Sugar & Spice by Celeste)



It’s amazing what some heat and candy melts can do. Simply heat up a bowl of some red candy coating wafers in the microwave until they’re melted completely. Then, pour the liquid into a fondue fountain, and switch “on” to your desired heat setting. Set up a table laid out with pretzels, cheeses, and fruits, and have your crew drench every last morsel in the stuff!

3. Klondike Cauldron


Step 1: acquire cauldron. Step 2: dry ice. Step 3: standard ice. Step 4: bit o’ water.

You’ve now got a smoky cauldron that actually chills your packaged ice creams versus “boiling” them. And if you’re looking to indulge your candy craving just a wee bit without fully committing to “fun size,” Klondike comes in Reese’s, Krunch, and Heath flavors along with 10 other Klondike varieties to choose from.

4. Pumpkin Beer Cooler (via



If you’re fresh out of cauldrons, that big pumpkin you’ve got lying around will also make a decent cooler. Check out this infographic for the quick how-to.

5. Stuffed Pepper Pumpkins (via Everyday Jenny)


You can devour these pumpkins from the inside-out, or even the outside-in if you so prefer. Either way, 100% of this snack is consumable. Stuff these babies with whatever you want—rice, mixed veggies, potatoes, or even (dare I say) pumpkin.

6. Frozen Spiders (via Peppermint Creative)



*Gasp* is that a spider in your drink?! Or are you just the cleverest Halloween party host ever? I’m going with the latter—these spider ice cubes are a geniusly quick and easy way to instantly spookify sodas and other party beverages. Bottoms up!

7. Monstrous Donuts (via Lindsay Ann Bakes)


Whether you’re using store-bought or homemade donuts, they’re going to be a scream at your party if you plan on turning them into “vampnuts” (working title). Grab a multi-pack of plastic fangs, some jelly, and candy eyes, and you’re all set.

8. Day of the Dead Fruit "Pizza" (via Growing Up Bilingual)


Not super chilling, we’ll admit, but this fruit “sugar skull” is definitely the coolest way to get your fruit serving in amongst the other sweet treats available!

Created in partnership with Klondike