For One Crazy Day, 7-Eleven Is Letting Everyone Bring Their Own Cups To Fill With Slurpees


Who: 7-Eleven

What: The convienience store chain is inviting customers to bring their own cups from home and fill it with Slurpees for one day. Yep, you can bring that old Rescue Rangers mug you had as a kid in the store and get yourself a cold one.

It costs $1.49 plus tax for an iced beverage so you definitely want to make the most of it with a larger-than-average container. The catch is, the cup has to fit within the 10-inch cutout located near the Slurpee machine. Kind of like those signs near roller coasters that tell you how tall you have to be.


For folks who can't help but post their giant cups of Slurpee on social media, 7-Eleven is encouraging the hashtag #BYOCupDay.


Where: All 7-Eleven locations across the US.

When: The deal will only be available Saturday, April 11 from 11am-7pm.