Company Converts Chocolate Chip Cookies into Sparkling Water


Suddenly, the world thinks it's ok to turn root beer floats into Oreos and tomatoes into champagne. If you've already lost all faith in humanity, read on. If you still have a shred of hope for mankind, please return to scrolling through status updates on Facebook. Ok, the bad news: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sparkling Water exists. In fact, it's been around for a while.


Spotted a few days ago by an Impulsive Buy reader at H-E-B ( a Texas supermarket chain), Marvo points out, "chocolate chip cookie sparkling water has to be the least satisfying way to enjoy the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie." Our sentiments exactly. Note, the cute lack of calories and sodium, and the addition of "natural and artificial flavors". Others have described the novelty drink as a "Chocolate Buttercream Lip Smacker I once owned as a tween". Yet, who knows. Maybe liquid chocolate chip cookies taste fantastic. In that case, I'll gladly drink a glass with my nightly, solid chocolate chip cookies.

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