Pinch Me: This Burger Swaps Its Buns for Deep-Fried Hot Pockets


It's no secret that Philly's PYT has a penchant for extraordinary buns. In no particular order, the stunt burger joint has rolled out Lasagna-Bun Burgers, Deep-Fried Twinkie Bun Burgers (obligatory) and Spaghetti Bun Burgers. To name a few.

Now, they've proudly introduced their latest greasebomb: The Hot Pocket Burger. Think a hefty beef patty with melted American cheese, drizzled with truffle -- classy, guys -- and sandwiched between two deep-fried Hot Pocket buns stuffed with Philly cheese steak. Yes, it sounds spectacular and while it's hard to tell what it actually is from the photos, we're sure it taste like everything your 3 am boozy-self would want.



The melty, fried offering is on the restaurant's menu for a limited time. PYT promises that the Hot Pocket-flaunting burger "will melt your face". Careful, we're holding you to that.

Picthx PYT