A Guide To 30 Different Delicious Shots You've Always Been Too Shy To Order


Dear boys and girls. Sometimes we get in a mood and have an urge to try something we saw in Cosmo once. It happens. You're at a bar, working up the courage to approach the bartender. You decide to go for it, because Drake said so, and casually ask them for a Blow Job. They look at you for a moment, then to your relief, they smile and say "Sure." It's all going according to plan, until they say, "I've never made it before. Do you what goes in it?"


Now you're blubbering about something "sweet" and "chocolate-y," then mention the first time you had it was on your 21st birthday and you couldn't use your hands because it was supposed to be like a real... blow job. It's all downhill from there and the bartender looks unimpressed. You give up and just order a Vodka Red Bull instead.


To prepare you for the next urge, here's an illustrated guide to 30 different popular shots. From the Buttery Nipple to the Blow Job, these 30 recipes give you everything you need to know for next time you have a special request for the bartender.


Designed by Donald Bullach