Pizza Hut Testing Futuristic Table that Lets You Customize Orders on a Giant Touchscreen


Pizza Hut is looking to improve their tech game by testing a new digital interactive table top experience at select Pizza Hut locations. Designed by the software engineers from Chaotic Moon Studios, pizza patrons are able to customize and order their pies via touchscreen -- without ever needing to speak to anyone.

With the new table top design, everything from the crust size to the toppings are adjusted to the customers' specifications. Once the pizza has been created, a countdown clock appears on the table to keep track of how long the pizza will take to cook. Customers can pay using their phones, never once having to stand up. During the wait, the table also features games to pass the time. Flappy Bird, anyone?


While you might not see this immediately at your local Pizza Hut, the tables are being tested at a few high-volume locations. If they turn out to be a success, expect to see more in the future.