Sorcery: You Can Separate the Dough in Cookie Dough Ice Cream to Make an Actual Cookie

The first time I had cookie dough ice cream, my eyes lit up and I pondered the glory of this 2-in-1 dessert. It's a flavor I associate with summers, childhood and everything right in the world. So, when I heard someone tried separating the precious dough from the vanilla ice cream, I did a double take. Why would anyone want to mess with perfection?

Apparently, because food science. Joe Satran of HuffPo Taste embarked on a mission to discover if it was possible to bake cookies using the cookie dough in cookie dough ice cream. Despite his initial doubt, the results were quite fantastic. Satran tested different brands from his local convenience store including Edy's, Edy's Maxx, Turkey Hill and Ben & Jerry's.

After using a fine-mesh strainer to mine for the precious cookie dough pieces, the dough was then formed into little mounds and popped in the oven. 15 minutes later what he got was "100 percent recognizable" chocolate chip cookies that were a "little dry and sweet."


Even the ice cream from the original pint was used to make the cookie dough sandwich.


Not too shabby.

Picthx Huffpo Taste