Pentagon Shaped Oranges are a Thing


First Japan decided to make heart shaped watermelons now they're producing pentagon shaped oranges. I'm beginning to think they're not fans of round fruits.

These particular citrus fruits are known as "iyokan" or Japanese Summer Oranges and they don't usually have five sides. Farmers have been trying to turn their pentagon orange dreams into reality for quite a few years and with the inevitable success of these pentafruits the farmers are already planning to sell a limited batches at local events.


The fruits achieve their five sided shape through the help of molds that are placed around the oranges while they're young. As the fruit continues to grow, it takes on and maintains the shape of the form, in this case, a pentagon. Creating these specialty oranges does take up a lot of time, but how well they sell could determine if the farmers continue producing these five sided fruits.

H/T + PicThx That's Nerdalicious