Mother and Son Create Wine Condoms to Replace Corks

Wine Condom

It sucks having to re-cork a bottle of wine only to not have it fit properly in your fridge. Maybe sometimes that cork just won't agree with you and after a long tussle, you can often end up with some pretty sticky hands. If only there was some form of protection you could slip onto your bottle, no matter how drunk you are. Something along the lines of condoms, but for wine.

Turns out there is, or will be. Developed by Mitchell Strahan and his mother, the two set up a Kickstarter aiming to gather funds for their first batch of Wine Condoms. The wine condoms are designed to make sealing your bottles a whole lot easier and definitely makes for a novel conversation. With prototypes from a rubber company that specializes in food, each condom is adaptable and can also work for beer and soda bottles. A pack of wine condoms will contain 10 individual condoms, each disposable after one or two uses.


Wine Cover