This Full-Course Meal Pizza Combines Appetizers, Main Course and Dessert in One


The Patriot is a seven-course flatbread pizza created by Al Sanior, a cozy restaurant located in Lebanon. The table-length meal was spotted by Marc Kharrat during a night out in Beirut and he tells us the place gets packed during late hours.

This pizza behemoth has become a go-to item among the neighboring community, as it can easily feed up to 20 people for just 15,000 Lebanese pounds... which roughly rounds up to just a few cents shy of 10 US dollars. The Patriot brings together the savory and sweet flavors of a full course meal, baking a hearty cheese and pepperoni ensemble next to a chocolate and mozzarella spread for dessert. However, we can just imagine the immense flavors that happen where each sections blends into the other. Think ground meat seasoned with cumin and garlic melting into the rich taste of sheep's milk cheese next door.



From one end to the other, here's the breakdown of the Patriot's seven different sections:

  • Za’atar: Middle Eastern dried herbs mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac, salt and other spices
  • Jibneh w/ Pepperoni: cheese and pepperoni
  • Kishk: a fine powder made of a mixture of cracked wheat and yogurt, which has been carefully fermented
  • Sojouk: consists of ground meat with various spices usually including cumin, sumac, garlic, salt, and red pepper, fed into a sausage casing and allowed to dry for several weeks, usually fairly spicy
  • Shanklish: a cow’s milk or sheep milk cheese generally topped with finely-chopped tomato, onion, and olive oil
  • Jibneh: cheese
  • Choco Mozzarella: don’t knock the idea of chocolate spread and mozzarella cheese until you’ve tried it, it’s a perfect segue into dessert