McDonald's Hong Kong Now Serving Ferrero Rocher Coffee


A new collaboration between McDonald's Hong Kong and Italian chocolate company Ferrero has made tiny, golden-wrapped, peanut-bedazzled, and Nutella-filled chocolate-flavored coffee a reality. The chain's new limited time Golden Moments series, features two drinks and one coffee cake inspired by Ferrero products. In other words, yes, you can now drink your Ferrero Rocher.

The New White Chocolate Coffee is available iced or hot and tastes like Ferrero's Confetteria Raffaello, a white chocolate round wafer covered with coconut.

The Golden Nutty Mocha tastes like the iconic Rocher and features steamed milk, chocolate sauce, espresso, and hazelnut syrup (a bit similar to Starbucks Secret Menu "Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino").


Finally the seven layer Coffee Chocolate Cake comes with a base of biscuit crumbs, topped with chocolate and coffee mousse, Italian cheese, and chocolate cream, and tastes like the Ferrero Rondnoir, the company's dark chocolate line.

Best of all, each item also comes with a free sample of its inspiration, bless.

H/T + Picthx Brand Eating