Most Honest Wine Labels Ever Include 'The One with the Berries' and 'The One with the Awards'


We've seen a lot of innovative marketing when it comes to wine lately. From infographic wine labeling that visually depicts flavor breakdown via color swatches to guides that help you decipher wine lingo, the wine marketing industry has become a hub of creativity. The latest comes from Realist Branding, who have kindly provided us wine-challenged beings with a solution to choosing that perfect wine for any occasion.


Designed for  Easy Choice Winery, the company created a no-hassle way to identify wine preference by implementing a bold font to highlight the most memorable trait of each wine. Such examples include: "The One with the Berries" and “The One with the Awards."


These playful labels mimic the way most of us actually choose our wines and contain "ten percent less bullshit." Mmm, tasty.

Picthx Realist