Caffeine Powder Sprinkles On Food Like Salt and Pepper


Looking for an instant pick-me-up? You may no longer need to down cups of coffee thanks to a new product that caffeinates any food or drink. For people who can't find the time to drink enough coffee to wake them up or for those who just don't like the taste of coffee, this creative fix solves the problem. CaffeinAll, manufactured by Caffex, is an odorless, tasteless powder that can be sprinkled into any drink and on top of any food. Just be careful you don't sprinkle on too much energy on your morning eggs and overkill it, literally.


Users are not meant to exceed 300 mg (9 shots/sprinkles/shakes) a day or they do so at their own risk. Minors, pregnant women and people with heart conditions or who are susceptible to caffeine irritation are advised to keep away from this shake-on caffeine.

This is not the first time we've seen alternative caffeine products created. In addition to the plethora of caffeine products invading the market, Sprayable Energy, a mix of caffeine, water and a tyrosine derivative, was developed this year as an alternative to energy drinks and works by releasing caffeine through the skin.


CaffeinAll shakers are available to buy in 100mg and 200mg sizes for 10 cents and 20 cents respectively, thus saving you a ton of money on coffee, Red Bull, and other booster products. I feel the caffeine-induced enthusiasm already.