Unique Wine Labeling Uses Color Swatches to Break Down Flavor

Taking a modern approach to wine labeling, Uproot has created a first-of-its-kind color bar. The unique labeling serves as a visual representation of the wine’s tasting notes, offering a guide to the flavors and aromas found in the bottle. Together, these color bars make up what the company calls a "Flavor Palette" that is unique to each variety of wine. While the label changes according to the wine’s flavor profile, the design will retain the brand-specific color bars and overall aesthetic.

The idea here is recognition and transparency. From sommeliers to people just looking for an easy way to decipher wine lingo, this type of infographic strategy provides you with all the basics.


We’ve got to hand it to them -- you would definitely know an Uproot wine bottle when you see one, thanks to this clever marketing scheme. However, while this is certainly "innovative" marketing, it's unclear whether the company is selling wine with diverse flavors, or a home decorating service with a bounty of wallpaper color swatches.

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