Starbuck’s Hybrid ‘Duffin’ (Donut-Muffin), Really Just a Jelly-Filled Muffin


Technically, it’s a hybrid. It does combine, in no uncertain ratios, features of one breakfast pastry with another. Really though, it’s a sham. An entirely opportunistic, corporate sham.

Starbucks UK is churning out a new cronut knock-off and calling it a “Duffin,” which is nothing more than a regular muffin “lightly spiced with nutmeg,” coated with sugar, and filled with raspberry jam. Is it donut-shaped? No. Deep fried? Not a chance. Seriously, it’s just a jelly-filled muffin. If you thought the whole hybrid/portmanteau thing was bad already, here is definitive proof the whole mess has officially jumped the shark.



OC Weekly reported the following quote from a manager at Starbucks UK:

“This fusion trend elevates traditional American products, so when we combined our American heritage with our hero muffin range and ever popular doughnuts, the Duffin seemed the perfect creation.”

How about we just leave all the unnecessary mash-ups to the professionals, k, UK?

H/T OC Weekly + PicThx Starbucks UK