Carl's Jr. and Hardee's Testing Fresh Baked Buns, Here's What They Look Like


Thanks to Instagram user @dchou, we now get a pretty non-promo shot of Carl's Jr.'s fresh-baked hamburger buns.

According to early reports from blogs like BrandEating, both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's seem to be testing fresh baked buns at select test locations. Much like the chain's freshly bake biscuits, the buns are baked daily in-house at the respective test locations. The buns come standard on the Six Dollar Burger and Thickburger varieties, and apparently are available on the regular burgers for a 30-cent up charge.

No word on how the test is going just yet, but according to Foodbeast reader @dchou, he's spotted the buns at a location in Anaheim, CA (1200 Harbor Blvd). He referred to them as being "soft like Umami's."


If you've had Umami Burger buns, you'd understand the positive reference. We'll have more information on these buns as it is made available to us: