Mo' Foam Please: Ultrasonic Beer Frother is a Real Thing

beer frother

While the want for more beer foam may seem foreign to most of us living in the US, the rest of the world views beer head as a necessary part of a brew's overall presentation and taste. The frothy foam adds texture and the kind of subtlety that reps a freshly poured drink. Although, perhaps this ultrasonic frother from Japan is taking it a bit too far.

The "Sonic Hour" by Takara Tomy uses vibrations to force bubbles up that create a thick head of foam atop your lager. Oh, and it comes with your own mini light show to get you in the "beer drinking mood," with your choice of one of eight different "colors of illumination."


Sounds dandy, but I'm going to be old fashioned and stick to whatever gets poured from the tap. Dance foam parties in my beer were never my thing anyways.

Sonic Hour $40 @Takara Tomy A.R.T.S.