Smash Mouth (Yes, The Band) Releases '90s Bro-Approved Cookbook


Everybody loves cooking and musicians -- no matter how famous they may be -- are no exception.

First came Cookin' with Coolio -- yes, a cookbook from the "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper himself. And now? A collection of recipes, courtesy of 90's-nostalgic bro Smash Mouth, who has now released Smash Mouth: Recipes From The Road.


The first thing we thought was, "Can Smash Mouth really cook?" We're not really sure.

But it doesn't matter, because you won't find any of the musician's own recipes in those pages. According to Eater, who had the first look at this new collection, the singing superstar has compiled a list of crowd-recipes (think hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, dips, etc.) from bro-approved chefs like Guy Fieri, Todd English, and Michael Symon -- as well as other big restaurants.



Still iffy about it? Guy Fieri seems to be on board with it, considering he wrote the foreword. Although, we're not sure if that hurts or helps this cookbook's case.

Smash Mouth: Recipes from the Road $25 @ Amazon

H/T Eater