Wendy's Japan Continues High-end Offerings, Launches Lobster and Caviar Burgers

In celebration of Wendy's second location in Japan, the chain will be releasing an "Ocean Premium" line that features ingredients such as lobster and caviar across two different burgers and a salad.

That's right, Lobster and Caviar on fast food hamburgers. The Lobster and Caviar burger, which features whole Canadian lobster pieces, as well as a lobster salad made with mustard mayonnaise and a sprinkle of caviar.


The Surf & Turf burger features a beef patty and lobster, and is currently priced the same as the Lobster and Caviar burger above at roughly $16.10. points out that the pricing model between both burgers is a bit curious, considering the Surf & Turf burger features considerably less luxury than the Lobster & Caviar burger.

Also on the Ocean Premium menu is an Ocean Premium Salad, which features lobster, caviar, avocado, egg, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and a blend of lettuce. The salad has a higher price tag than its burger brethren, sitting at 1580 yen or roughly $20.10.

These new Ocean Premium products join other Japan Premium menu items that include foie gras, truffles, porcinini mushrooms and thick-cut Iberico bacon.


Better question to the U.S. Wendy's fans, would you chow down on Lobster and Caviar if it came from a fast food restaurant? How about foie gras? Speak on it!