Food Writer Eddie Huang Gets TV Show -- "Cheap Bites"

The COOKING CHANNEL is getting a new batch of energy to kick off 2012, and part of it comes courtesy of NYC Chef and outspoken food writer Eddie Huang getting his own special, CHEAP BITES. The show will follow Eddie on a road trip as he scours America for some great food deals. Everything from free pizza in New York, to donuts that only cost a quarter in Memphis, Tennessee.

Here's a quick taste:


Could it be Rachael Ray's $40 A Day with a more urban flair? That's the vibe we get, and to be real, sounds like a show I would watch. Cooking Channel's website has a two-week air time posted,and we'll be sure to tune in. You know why?

Because Eddie posts stuff like this on his blog as a promo: "Tune in, tivo, tell your friends, nurse your hangover, and what Chinese people NOT do gymnastics on T.V."

I can get behind that. See you in 2012 Eddie!