Quizno's Reveals New Whole Grain Flatbread Wraps & Farmer's Market Salads

Today, we get word from Quiznos that not only have they confirmed the limite time Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Sub, but they've also announced the launch of new whole grain Flatbread Wraps and fresh Farmers' Market Salads to its menu.

The new Flatbread Wrap option allows customers to get their wraps in an apparently "healthy, fiber-rich whole grain wrap."


Along with the new wraps, Quiznos has also revealed Farmers' Market Salads in two initial varieties: Harvest Chicken Salad and Caprese Chicken Salad. The Harvest Chicken Salad (seen above) is complete with pumpkin seeds and Acai Vinaigrette, while the Caprese features fresh mozzarella pearls marinated in Basil Pesto dressing.

Both these salads are available for a limited time only.