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Multilayered Birthday/Wedding/Any Reason Cake is Made Entirely of Pizza

April 17, 2014 // 12:29 pm

Back in February, Jersey-born Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ruled that a deep dish pizza pie is not pizza, but “tomato soup in a bread bowl.” He didn’t, however, say anything about a pizza cake.

Canadian chain Boston Pizza, who you may recall brought us the PizzaBurger

Domino’s Swaps Pizza Dough with New Breaded Chicken Crust

April 14, 2014 // 4:37 pm

It’s Friday night. Do you go the pizza or chicken route? Granted both sound pretty heavy, but after a long week of work no one wants to unwind with a salad. In one of their biggest moves since they changed their crusts, Dominos just launched four flavors of cheesy chicken…

Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza Now Available at Pizza Hut New Zealand

April 12, 2014 // 2:11 pm

Pizza Hut is basically stuffing their crusts full of anything these days. The original cheese isn’t good enough anymore, now it’s all about cream cheese and fish eggs and friggin’ cheeseburger stuffed crust pizzas. Now Pizza Hut is taking their original hot dog stuffed crust concept and…

Pizza Hut Offers New Garlic Parmesan Pizzas, Including Chicken Bacon Tomato

April 9, 2014 // 6:00 am

Pizza Hut is releasing three new Garlic Parmesan pizzas. Each pizza recipe features an indulgent amount of cheese, including a garlic Parmesan sauce, Parmesan crust and a sprinkle of Parmesan and parsley.

The three new pies are Chicken Bacon Tomato (all-white meat chicken, smoked bacon and Roma tomatoes), Roasted…

Papa John’s Adds an Entire Layer of Bacon to Their Double Pepperoni Pizza

March 26, 2014 // 2:28 pm

If you’re ordering a double pepperoni pizza, chances are you’re not one to shy from meat. Looks like Papa John’s knows exactly what’s up and upgraded their Double Pepperoni Pizza to what’s now called the Double Pepperoni Bacon Pizza. Yep, there’s now a layer of bacon.

The new pie…

The Pizza Ax is a Real Thing, and You’ll Look Like an Italian Lumberjack if You Get One

March 26, 2014 // 11:58 am


You’re on a date and she makes you a homemade, deep dish pizza (what a keeper, right?). All she asks is that you handle the cutting while she pours the wine. Anyone can slice a thin crust pizza. All you really need is a decent chopping knife if you…

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