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How this Design Firm Transforms Our Favorite Food Brands is Absolutely Breathtaking

March 3, 2014 // 9:50 am

Buying snacks is never easy. All that packaging in the aisles can quickly become overwhelming.  There are simply too many mascots, bright colors, and flashy packaging clamoring for your attention.  When you consider that the “average person sees up to 5,000 ads” a day,…

Intricate 3D-Printed Chair Crafted from Sugar and Sake

January 16, 2014 // 10:05 am

3D food printers have recently started to gain popularity, as we’ve seen at CES and with those lifelike chocolate faces. But London-based designer Daniel Widrig has taken this edible art one step further with his Degenerate Chair creation.

The intricately-woven sculpture is made entirely from the designer’s own…

Check Out This Badass Ketchup Dispenser

January 15, 2013 // 6:13 pm

This Ketchup Presser is an ingenious little invention that lets you squeeze out a ketchup packet using the same container that’s holding your fries. Gone are the days where you were caught in a dilemma of “worrying about contamination through the paper mats or soiled ketchup pillow packs,” claims…