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Chick-Fil-A Testing Chicken & Waffle Breakfasts, with Maple Syrup Baked Inside

August 20, 2014 // 5:00 pm

Last year, Chick-Fil-A kind of hopped aboard the chicken and waffle bandwagon by offering individual-sized waffles in select stores in Philadelphia. But in case you didn’t already know you could, the Chick is now pairing their chicken and waffles so you can enjoy all the deep-fried sweet and savory…

The World’s Coolest Dad Invents a Pancake Spirograph

August 17, 2014 // 9:28 pm

Remember part dad, part pancake maker Saipancakes? (Check out those Hobbit and Pokemon versions.) Well, he’s back in the breakfast game full force, and this time he has a new way to make pancake designs — the Pangraph.

The guy behind all this…

Jack in the Box Officially Releases Croissant Donuts Starting Tomorrow

August 6, 2014 // 11:39 am

Last month, we reported that Jack in the Box was testing their variation of croissant donuts in Southern California. Now it looks like they’ll officially be hitting stores Aug. 7 for a national release. This means that anyone aching to try the donut croissant hybrid but don’t want…

Taco Bell Spices up Morning Menu With New Breakfast Burritos

July 19, 2014 // 11:55 am

Debuting its breakfast concept only months ago, Taco Bell is already looking to revamp its wildly successful breakfast menu. Taco Bell already has plans to test a new “Power Breakfast” menu in August with lower calorie options, such as Greek yogurt, but the fast food chain is adding two…

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