US Tippers

When it comes to leaving a tip, we all have different tactics. Some go for 20% while others hold true to 15% of the bill. There's also the used chewing gum tactic. No matter your style, here's how you compare to your state's average tipping amount.

The folks over at Quartz analyzed data from millions of Square transactions (a popular payment service), and they found Alaska (17%), Arkansas (16.9%) and North Carolina (16.7%) gave servers the highest tips. Which clocked in as the stingiest states? South Dakota (15.3%), Hawaii (15.1%) and Delaware (14%). According to these findings, the national average is about 16.1%.

Perhaps what's most surprising is the percentage of customers who actually do tip. See where your state ranks:

US Tippers

If you lean toward the skimpy side of tipping, might we suggest brushing up on the do's and don'ts of dining etiquette?

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