13 Food & Drink Father’s Day Gifts that Will Guarantee You’re His Favorite Child

Struggling to come up with a Father’s Day gift for Sunday — yes, this Sunday — but don’t want to end up getting him something lame like a tie or yet another gift card to Black Angus (just kidding, that would awesome)?

Like any good child, you’ve just realized why your mom keeps reminding you to come home this weekend, and you’ll probably attempt to find a gift day-of. We figured you’d be in a pickle, so we gathered the top food and drink-themed Father’s Day gifts your dad will actually want.

Prepare yourself for an excessive amount of beer-friendly, testosterone-fueled gadgets, from armchairs that automatically refill your beer to laser pizza cutters.


Leather Beer Holster frees hands for manly stuff like hunting wild boar and gambling

beer holster


Dual Glass let you drink two different beers at the same damn time



Giant Korean Barbecue Style Grill



Eco-Friendly Underground Beer Cooler



Laser Pizza Cutter



A water bottle growler that chills your beer for 24 hours



2-in-1 Utensil Bottle Opener



An espresso maker made from an actual race car engine



Cigars seasoned with Samuel Adams beer



A reverse microwave that chills your booze in 45 seconds



For if you really love your dad: a kegerator that features a built-in fridge, a keg with 3 separate taps, a 60-inch HDTV screen and 140 classic video gameskegerator-video-games



Whiskey-breath cologne



Behold: the world’s most epic armchair that fills your beer from the bottom up


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  • funddle

    13 Food and Drink Items for fathers day My dad wouldn’t even bother with.

  • Bob

    The HydroFlask bottle looks cool – I could do either beer (Home made) to mostly JUICE fresh made & would greatly save on BALL OR Mason Jars, and I can pour a whole half a gallon of juice instead of chugging a glass or two out the door with my 32 Oz Jar. – a definite to LOOK for item for men or those who love health & juice.

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