This Mug Has a Cozy Handle to Keep Your Fingers Warm


There is some serious cold weather happening right now and for those who want to avoid frostbite by curling up with a hot cup of tea, this mug may be a knight in shining porcelain armor.

Sure, any old mug will keep your fingers warm, but The ToastyMUG has gone so far as to provide a handle encasing half the mug – leaving a convenient, well-heated space for you to put your hands. Designer Sabrina Fossi sells the mugs, which come in grey and green-glazed ceramic, but they cost a pretty penny, about $72. Still, a handmade Italian mug that keeps you toasty when you can’t feel your fingertips? Might be worth it.


ToastyMUG, €44.00 (US $72) @sabrinafossi

H/T Gizmodo + Picthx Sabrina Fossi

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