This Wedding Unicorn Pees Actual Lemonade and Sneezes Glitter


If a life-size unicorn that pisses lemonade, shoots pink fire and sneezes glitter sounds like the “twisted fantasy of a six-year-old girl,” well, you’re absolutely right.

Anna Schumacher and her husband, who met through their local Burning Man community, were looking for exceptionally unique “fire art” for their wedding. Conveniently, they were able to reach out to “talented fire geeks” to create a centerpiece that reflected Anna’s obsession with unicorns and, yes, fire.


Thus, Katy Perry the Wedding Unicorn was born. Although the piece was originally a black carousel horse, friends Kat and Jesse Green repainted her in white, cutting holes into her nostrils, forehead and nether regions. Beverages are connected to a CO2 pressurized keg at the base, with the tap located at the crotch. The glitter containment unit and copper horn are activated by separate buttons and when timed right, Miss Perry can shoot fire and sneeze glitter at the same time. 

I believe this is what they call “magic.”

The glorious lemonade-pissing, fire-shooting, glitter-sneezing unicorn cost about $3000 dollars to make, with Kat and Jesse’s labor a wedding gift to the couple.

H/T + Picthx Offbeat Bride

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