The Proper Way to Cut Toast [Infographic]


Did you wake up today and stare at your piece of buttered toast in absolute confusion? You’re convinced it tastes better when cut diagonally, but should you slice it once down the middle or go full-on Zorro style? Then there’s the option of cooking your egg directly in the bread, which would be the most efficient way to go about things. At this point, you’re so overwhelmed that you’re about to call it quits and reach for the cereal instead…

Luckily, this guide on “How to Cut Toast” exists for the sole purpose of solving your first world dilemma. The guide displays several optimal ways to slice your bread, letting you peruse your choices with ease. Finally, you can wake up knowing everything is right in the world.

How to cut toast


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  • Stephen Robinson

    British one makes no sense. I don’t know a single person or cafe that does it like that. The guy who made it the Infographic is British to which baffles me.

  • The Vulgar Chef

    I cut my toast like the infinity sign. So I have infinite toast.


    • Stephen A.

      That requires a special knife too :)

      • David Clare

        Don’t wave it near a deathless ;-)

  • Judie K Kopfman

    I cannot believe that I am laughing at this Toast Article this morning! I can vividly remember when I was a child many decades ago and my Mom would cut the crust off after it was toasted so we had the crust to feed the ducks at the park. Then she would cut the toasted bread in ‘mini-square’ dainty little pieces for our breakfast. Growing up in New Orleans, that was the ‘socially proper thing to do’!!!!! At least the Ducks loved our family when we visited the park.

  • Richard Bonk

    I think it all depends what are you going to use the toast for. If I have it with beans, I usually cut it into small ‘crouton’ sized pieces (not mentioned on the infographics).

    • Gusto

      ha, i used to do/ask for that as a kid, but long ago i realised that you can just cut pieces as you eat them… it’s less time-consuming.

  • David Turcotte

    It’s ridiculous! Most people only put butter or jam (or whatever) on one side of the toast, leaving the other side bland and unappealing. Yet, they still happily eat this half-unappealing burned bread. Anyway, I cut my toast into mobius strips. But, I still only butter one side.

    • Karim Sultan

      LOL – but it may take you an infinite amount of time to consume. So you could get by on a single piece of toast.

    • FredrichofHolyMoly

      I’d like to see one of your mobius strip toasts! :)

    • John Cavilia

      A Mobius strip HAS only one side

  • Larry Kelly

    Why cut the damn thing at all? Makes for a faster getaway.

  • Karim Sultan

    Ahh, best early-morning-with-a-coffee article that I have read in some time!

  • Tasty Chomps

    i like to fold my toast like they do in new york with pizza


  • Sean

    Seriously… who the f**k cuts toast? People with no teeth?

    • Anonymous

      People with more manners….

      • halhagen

        how sad that you think eating toast has to do with manners.

        • Mysketchup


  • Norma Padro

    I don’t cut my toast at all. I like it to be whole. It tastes better. I have had toast that’s cut from the middle, but it doesn’t taste as good. I think the flavor is in the whole. I think it’s psychological for me to have it whole.

  • Anonymous

    I used to assemble toast into a tesseract but the butter and jam kept disappearing into another dimension.

  • Paul Taylor

    Yeah and Mini Soldiers, same as Soldiers but with an additional horizontal cut to double the number of pieces…

  • Sandy Hooker

    The polite way is to tear off a small piece, add a tiny dab of butter, and nibble slowly. That’s the way my grandmother ate her toast and I always thought it seemed extraordinary polite.

  • Anonymous

    For some reason it reminds me of a good way to save money – use both sides of the toilet paper. ;’)

  • Cassidy

    When I was a waitress we cut once, diagonally.

  • Anonymous

    This debate is all well and good but there’s something bothering me, something really quite troublesome. If one is to have spreads or toppings on the toast should they be applied before of after the toast is cut? And why has nobody mentioned tangrams?

    For the record, for the most part I do not cut my toast, thus avoiding this dilemma. If the bread has large slices I’ll often give the toast a diagonal cut after the toppings of choice have been added.

  • Mike Lovett

    I am still trying to figure out how or why an obvious LBFM Filipino has anything to do with toast? If this was about pork blood stew and rice, I would understand.

  • Will Johnson

    The proper way is to not cut your toast at all. That is why servants exist