This Glass Lets You Drink Two Different Beers at the Same Damn Time


In a move part Escher, part why-didn’t-we-think-of-that, comes the Dual Beer Glass. Crafted by Matthew Cummings of The Pretentious Beer Glass Company (gotta love the honesty), the cylindrical beer glass houses two separate chambers that meet at the lip. This clever design allows amateur bartenders to pour the perfect Half and Half, eliminating the need for a bar spoon to prevent the two beers from blending.


This opens up a whole avenue of possible brew combinations, even with those of similar viscosity. The design also allows you to simultaneously smell both beers, rather than just the predominating aroma that settles on top. Each glass measure approximately 5-6″ tall and 3″ wide, holding a total of 10-12 oz.

As an ex-bartender whose mussed up my fair share of Black and Tans and (shudder) Cotton Candies, aka raspberry cider and hefeweizen, this utilitarian glassware  has definitely got my interest piqued.

Dual Beer Glass, $35 @The Pretentious Beer Glass

PicThx The Pretentious Beer Glass

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  • John SomeJerk

    Maybe it’s just me but I like to drink one type of beer at a time…

  • Anonymous

    “the cylindrical beer glass houses two separate chambers that meet at the lip”
    No it doesn’t

  • Doc Adams

    What are you crazy? It’s a cool idea, but I would want at least two and $35 a pop is ridiculous. You lost a slam dunk sale.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll stick to the traditional methods of a bar spoon and careful pour when need.