Burger King Delivery to LA, SF & Chicago Now a Thing


Burger King’s unique fast food delivery service first launched in Washington, D.C. early last year and expanded to Houston, Miami and New York soon after. Now, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago are joining the list.

The push to expand BK-branded delivery comes as an attempt to compete with similar fast food powerhouses (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.), while also fending off chains like Chipotle who are reinventing how we think of fast food in terms of quality and price.

15 Burger King locations will participate in the San Francisco Bay area and 20 locations in the Los Angeles and Chicago area. This is, of course, only a sliver of the 7,500 spots BK has in North America and the 13,000 they have globally.

With food under a burning spotlight thanks to social media and menus that are continuously producing new items to fill consumer appetites, BK hopes their newest move will help attract customers from its rivals.

AP reports that according to a BK representative, this new delivery service increased sales at participating locations but declined to provide further details. If you’re in one of the participating areas and don’t feel up to the drive-thru (sigh), you can order online or by phone between 11 am and 10 pm, with a minimum order of $10.

H/T Business Week + PicThx ARLNews

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