Yelp to Put Restaurant Health-Inspection Grades on Blast


In a move to help out consumers and local governments, Yelp will be adding health-inspection scores to their restaurant reviews. Partnering up with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, Yelp has engineered a system allowing cities to upload inspection data straight to Yelp's website. City-provided health scores will be available in San Francisco first, with New York following in the coming weeks.

Although I wasn't a fan of Yelp's "Explore the Menu" feature added just last year, I have to admit that the addition of health grades to the site's already beefed-up reviews is brilliant. It not only enables the company to stay relevant and innovative but encourages restaurants to adhere to important health codes thanks to the increased visibility.


The real-life benefit? Now when you want top-notch Chinese food, you'll simply filter for all the "C" grades for the best and dirtiest grub. We don't mess with this "A" nonsense. Thank you Yelp.

H/T + PicThx Bloomberg